What is Gastoneterlogy


Gastroenterology is a field of medicine that concentrates on the health of the digestive method or the gastrointestinal tract. Gastroenterologists can treat everything from short bowel symptoms (IBS) to hepatitis C. Some gastroenterology specialist treat common disorders of the GI. Others focus on a particular kind of gastroenterology. Dr. Husain Bohari ios one of the best Gastroenterology expert in Nashik.


What is a gastroenterologist?

Gastroenterologist diagnoses and treats GI disorders in both men and women.

Gastroenterologist do endoscopic methods, in which they use specific instruments to see the GI tract and decide. The gastroenterologist doesn’t do surgery. In some cases, a gastroenterologist can operate closely with a GI surgeon. Gastroenterologist primarily works in the clinic or hospital settings. meet Dr. Husain Bohari who is the best Gastroenterology expert in Nashik.

What conditions do gastroenterologists treat?

Dr. Husain Bohari treats several conditions affecting the GI system. This can include:

  • Acid reflux.
  • Ulcers.
  • IBS.
  • Hepatitis C.
  • Polyps, or tumors, which typically happen in the big organ.
  • Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Bloody stool.
  • Pancreatitis, or a rare disease-causing inflammation of the pancreas
  • Colon cancer.

Dr. Husain Bohari specializes in the subject of Gastroenterology with all its sub-branches like the Liver, Intestines, Stomach, Pancreas and Gall bladder, with a special interest in endoscopies. Dr. Bohari is renowned Gastroenterology expert in Nashik

Frequently Asked Question

A gastroenterologist is a doctor who specializes in the stomach, small and large intestine and other digestive organs (liver, pancreas, bile ducts, and gall bladder). Gastroenterologists see patients in the clinic and hospital, and also give endoscopic methods.

If you are 45 years or older, have a family history of GI cancer, or if you have complained to your family physician about a digestive difficulty such as persistent abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, illness, or heartburn, something is changing your digestive system.

No. Gastroenterologists do endoscopic procedures but do not do surgery. When needed, they work closely with surgeons.

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