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Dr. Husain Bohari is one of the best Gastroenterologist in Nashik, specializes in the subject of Gastroenterology with all its sub-branches like the Liver, Intestines, Stomach, Pancreas and Gall bladder, with special interest in endoscopies. He completed his MBBS from K.I.M.S, Karad, MD in Internal Medicine from Dr. V.M.M.C, Solapur. Got trained in gastroentrolgy from A.I.M.S, Kochi, one of the key institutes in this subject in India.

He is serving Nasik for the last 10 years in this specialty. He set up and worked in dept. of digestive diseases at Wockhardtfor 6 yrs. Since 4 yrs established the Premium Digestive Disease Clinic. Presently, a visiting faculty at Shriyash Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and Ashoka Medicover Hospital. Dr. Husain Bohari is the Renowned Gastroenterologist in Nashik.

Gastroenterologist in Nashik

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While many of the diseases we treat are manageable, they may affect patients’ quality of life. Our goal is not only treatment but in advancing methodologies for clinical care that improve people’s daily lives. Much of our research in diseases of the colon, stomach, and liver is to provide patients with hope and optimism as we learn more about the most effective treatments for these conditions. Dr. Husain Bohari has vast experience in this field. He is one of the Gastroenterologist in Nashik.

Dr. Husain Bohari

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Gastroenterologist in Nashik

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Dr. Husain Bohari completed more than 2500 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Upper GI Endoscopies, 1200 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Lower GI Endoscopies, 40 Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomies, and 10 ERCPs. In pursuit of improving his field knowledge.

Dr. Husain Bohari is available for his expert advice at Premium Digestive Clinic on all days. he performs all diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures. Dr. Husain Bohari is a Renowned  Gastroenterologist in Nashik.

Frequently Asked Question

A gastroenterologist is a doctor who specializes in the stomach, small and large intestine and other digestive organs (liver, pancreas, bile ducts, and gall bladder). Gastroenterologists see patients in the clinic and hospital, and also give endoscopic methods. If you looking best Gastroenterologist in Nashik then meet Dr. Husain Bohari who is the gastroenterology consultant in Nashik

All gastroenterologists are trained in liver condition to some extent, but Dr. Hussain Bohari is trained especially in liver disorder (hepatologists).

A doctor may want to do an endoscopy, especially if gastrointestinal bleeding is identified. Other experiments might include blood work, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI and liver biopsy.

If you are 45 years or older, have a family history of GI cancer, or if you have complained to your family physician about a digestive difficulty such as persistent abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, illness, or heartburn, something is changing your digestive system.

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